58 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Faster

how to sell your house fastLooking to sell your house fast? Here are 58 ideas that can help you sell your house faster.


1. Take control of marketing your own home.
2. Post an ad on Craigslist for free.
3. Repost the ad on Craigslist often.
4. Try different headlines for the ad. Keep track of which ones are pulling better, then adjust accordingly.
5. Make sure your ad includes attractive pictures of the house.
6. If you can’t take attractive pictures, hire someone who can.
7. Buy a domain name matching your house’s address (e.g., 40MockingbirdLaneSmithtownPA.com), and set up a website (you may want to check out these reviews of small business web hosting).
8. Use a free web publishing platform like WordPress to set up the website.
9. Take pictures of your house and post them on the website.
10. Take a video or videos of your house and post them on the website.
11. Post the videos on YouTube and link to your site.
12. Link to the website from your Craigslist postings.
13. Link to the website from your Facebook page.
14. Contact real estate agents in your area and tell them about your house.
15. Get their email addresses and email them info about your house.
16. Email them again in a week if your house hasn’t sold.
17. Email them any time there’s updated information, price change, new pictures, etc.

Outside the Home

18. Think Curb Appeal!
19. You don’t need a professional landscaper, but you should keep things tidy.
20. Mow the lawn and keep it mowed.
21. Trim the edges with a string trimmer.
22. Trim your bushes and hedges.
23. Trim bushes away from the house so that prospective buyers can get a good look at it.
24. Remember that if bushes are growing up against the house, it can look like a sign of neglect.
25. Don’t leave newspapers lying in the driveway.
26. If any trees need to be trimmed or removed, do so now.
27. At the very least, make sure tree branches aren’t contacting the house.
28. Put an attractive flowering plant outside the doorstep.
29. Make sure the area around the front door and all other entrances are particularly clean and tidy.
30. If there’s junk or piles of branches or other debris in your yard, rent a dumpster or contact your trash company and get rid of it.


31. Make sure lights and switches work.
32. Make sure all your windows and doors open smoothly, and unlock and lock, without much effort.
33. Make sure your water pressure is strong. If it’s not, consider hiring a plumber to troubleshoot and fix the problem.
34. If the house in unoccupied and you’ve turned off the water, leave instructions about how to turn it on, and how to turn it back off.
35. Make sure your automatic garage door opener is functioning properly.
36. Make sure any fence gates open and close smoothly and safely. Egress should be unobstructed.
37. Is anything seriously broken or malfunctioning? Do you have holes in the roof or water in the basement? Is the air conditioner broken? Get these things fixed, or consider listing the house as-is. Realize that any major problems you don’t address now will become a barrier to closing later, and will cost you valuable time in getting the deal done.

Inside the House

38. Clean up before a showing.
39. Do your best to remove the source of any undesirable odors.
40. Resist the urge to leave candles burning during the showing. This can raise a red flag with prospective buyers.
41. Do the dishes, and don’t leave any on the counter or in the sink.
42. Make sure kitchen counters are as clean and clutter free as possible.
43. Reduce clutter as much as possible throughout the home. A clutter free house appears larger to a prospective buyer.
44. If you have too much furniture in the house, rent a storage unit and move those items there temporarily.
45. Hold a yard sale or post unwanted items on Craigslist. (You may make a little cash in the process!)
46. Vacuum and dust before showings.
47. Flush all toilets before showings, and close the seat lids.
48. Lock pets in their crates or take them with you during showings.
49. Advise the real estate showing office if you’re planning to leave your pets in the house. Let me know how many pets you have, and where they will be located in the house.
50. Consider having the house professionally staged.
51. Sometimes a realtor will offer staging service as a perk. (And some are qualified to do it themselves.)

Getting the Deal Done

52. Consider offering a home warranty with the sale of the home. This can instill a level of confidence in the mind of a potential buyer.
53. Consider selling to a cash buyer in your area to whom you can sell your house fast as is. A Google search will help you find these buyers in your area. Search: sell my house fast or sell my house as is followed by your town or city name.
54. Register on a real estate investing forum, and post the info about your house with a link to the website you’ve created.
55. If you’re listing with a realtor, resist the temptation to reduce the commission below the standard commission. This can lessen your agent’s interest in selling the house, because they can make more on selling other houses.
56. Before you list with an agent, interview several agents. Look for an agent with a recent track record of selling similar homes in your area.
57. If you feel your agent is not putting in the effort or getting the result you expect, make sure you communicate this and give your agent a chance to respond. In the event that you’re still not satisfied, consider selecting a new realtor after your contract is up.
58. Recognize that many agreements don’t actually make it to the closing table. You are your own best advocate. Ask questions, and push for resolution to make sure the deal gets done.

The author is a real estate investor and marketer with a PA real estate investing group that helps homeowners sell their houses quickly.

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