Kiefer Sutherland Touch Premiere

Kiefer Sutherland, star of popular Fox TV action drama “24,” has been tapped for another Fox series, “Touch.” The pilot is expected to air in fall, 2011.

Sutherland earned an Emmy in 2008 for his work on “24,” where he played CTU agent Jack Bauer.

“Touch” is the story of a father, played by Sutherland, who learns his autistic son can predict the future.

Sutherland is currently appearing in the Broadway revival of Jason Miller’s “That Championship Season.” It is not know whether his work there will interfere with production of “Touch.”

Sutherland has appeared in such popular films as The Lost Boys, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me; A Few good Men, Flatliners, Dark City, Young Guns, and A Time to Kill.

In addition to winning an Emmy for his work on “24,” he also earned a Golden Globe for Best Performance by a Lead Actor in a Drama in 2002, also for his work on “24.”

The air time and TV schedule for the “Touch” premiere were not readily available at time of publishing.

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