John Ferber Secret Millionaire

In season 2, episode 4 of ABC’s hit series, Internet entrepreneur John Ferber goes undercover in Los Angeles to help deserving but unsuspecting individuals and organizations.

The popular show features well-to-do individuals posing as ordinary people interested in helping charitable causes. They live on Welfare-level wages for a week.

Many of the millionaires featured on the show are already involved in charitable causes. John Ferber is a founder of and, a site that enables crowd funding, philanthropy, and micro loans.

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Ferber now resides in South Florida.

In the prior episode of Secret Millionaire, author and motivational speaker James Malinchak, a self-made millionaire originally from a small steel town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, spent a week in Gary, Indiana.

What: Secret Millionaire, Season 2, Episode 4
When: 8 pm, March 27, 2011
Plot: Internet entrepreneur John Ferber visits Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, seeking out individuals and organizations and giving away more than $100,000 in donations.
Replay: Secret Millionaire replay air date was unavailable at time of publishing.

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