Celebrity diets

Looking like celebrities is an insatiable obsession in our society and getting their bodies is at the top of our wish list. We’re just dying to borrow their trainers or have them spill their slim body secrets. So when we get some information on how that hottie looks so hot we gobble it up. Below we take a look at a few of the popular diets that celebrities are participating in today. We can see some diet tips that we can take away from them, like carrying a water bottle to make sure we stay hydrated, and which tips we should skip.

The Dukan Diet

Kate and Pippa Middleton use the Dukan Diet to stay slim. This diet consists of calculating your “true weight” (the healthy and realistic weight goal for you) and then being set up on a plan to get to that weight in 4 phases. During phase 1, you eat nothing but protein. Phase 2 consists of protein and vegetables. Phase 3 reintroduces previously forbidden foods on a list of 100 approved foods. You will reach your “true weight” during phase 3. Phase 4 is dedicated to maintaining that weight. They compare this diet to the Atkins Diet, but really I think it sounds very similar to the South Beach diet (which was also compared to the Atkins Diet). All three of these diets involve upping your proteins and limiting carbohydrates.
What we can learn: protein helps keep you full so eating it can help you to eat less. Avoiding simple carbohydrates like pastries and white bread will help us avoid the calories from those empty foods but we shouldn’t avoid carbohydrates altogether. Whole grains are very important for energy and in general, any diet that excludes an entire food group isn’t a healthy balance for your nutrition.

The Master Cleanse

Beyonce is a known user of the Master Cleanse which involves a cleansing and detoxification of the body. Dieters drink a mix of water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. You put nothing into your body but liquid for an extended period of time. Some versions of this diet have different lengths of time and some combine the liquid meals with some solid food. The diet leads to rapid weight loss. You must wean yourself back onto solid food carefully afterwards and dieters are known to gain back the weight that they lost.
What we can learn: cayenne pepper is supposed to suppress appetite and help increase metabolism. Sprinkle it onto your food to aid in your weight loss efforts. This diet, though, is dangerous and ineffective for long term weight loss. Your body needs solid food for energy and any diet in which you lose too much weight at once is not good.

Weight Watcher’s

Weight Watcher’s has had several celebrity endorsements including Jennifer Hudson. While using Weight Watcher’s, dieters are given a certain allowance of “points” a day. A point value is assigned to each food and you keep track of your points to not go over your daily allowance. You are given extra points each week that can either be added into your daily points or saved up for weekend fun. This diet is basically a controlled and helpful way of the basic dieting 101 rules of counting your calories.
What we can learn: cutting calories is a simple method to losing weight. Eating less equals less pounds always. This diet is healthy because no foods are excluded. Just make sure that you are eating low calorie, filling foods. Your daily allowance can be used up very quickly on cookies and ice cream but that won’t keep you full all day long.

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